Building Permits

The need for building permits

The types of licenses or permits that construction contractors and companies need for projects varies by location and the type of project, but most of these at least require a building permit. These permits and licenses show prospective clients that the company is qualified to handle the job and in compliance with local building regulations. Construction companies and contractors are thus required to obtain building permits from local authorities before beginning work on new projects.

Projects are regulated mostly under the local laws and these are applicable to all aspects of construction including the structure’s stability, fire safety, and occupant health and well-being. Here are a few permits that you’d need for your home – things that we help you with at Pinto Constructions.

A quick guide to building permits

The building permit is designed to address the safety concerns of the occupants. Construction plan reviews, site inspections, and approvals are provided based on the relevant codes. Building permits are applicable to new structures/ buildings. They are required for alterations, demolitions, and repairs. Although the exact process varies on the basis of location, the typical steps to obtaining a permit are –

  • We at Pinto Constructions start with filling in a permit application for the project.
  • Our architects prepare a sight plan for the project – such that it meets the local building guidelines.
  • We schedule an appointment for plan approval. This may take several days or weeks. However, it may take longer if the plan requires corrections and revisions.
  • We make sure that we have all the requisite permissions before we start work on your project and schedule other inspections throughout the process.

Why choose Pinto Constructions?

When choosing any contractor for your project, it is customary for the contractor to arrange for the permit. At Pinto Constructions, we take full responsibility of the paperwork and permits and save you the hassle. Our team has the requisite experience in dealing with every kind of complexity that projects offer, and our preexisting relationship with authorities allow us to come up with the best way to work with the authorities and obtain a permit. As cumbersome as the process may be, it will be better than dealing with the city if it finds out you should, but don’t have a permit.