Construction of pergolas

A pergola is an impressive structure usually built with columns that support a series of rafters. This serves as a cover for a patio or a walkway that generally connects the garden to the home. Pergolas don’t have a finished roof and instead support vines and plants that provide shade and shelter. Having a pergola allows people to enjoy the sense of being under shelter and still take in the outdoor air. It also enhances the aesthetic beauty of your home!

Pergolas are architectural garden adornments made popular during the Italian Renaissance and are a welcome respite from the midday summer sun. At its heart, a pergola is simple – made of sturdy boards and crossbeams, often touched up with vines and lattice.

Benefits of getting a pergola installed

Here are a few positives that make pergolas a welcome investment:

  • Complements the look of the house, and enhances the outside space.
  • Gives people a chance to enjoy the sun without actually getting blasted by the heat.
  • Shows how you care for a greener lifestyle.

Types of pergolas

At Pinto Constructions, we offer two types of pergolas:

  • The more traditional 'Lean-to' Mediterranean pergolas
  • The 'Stand-alone' garden or patio pergolas

As the name implies, the ‘Lean-to’ Mediterranean pergolasare designed to be attached to your house or perhaps a wall in your garden. On the other hand, the ‘Stand-alone’ pergolas are positioned away from buildings.

Why choose Pinto Constructions for pergolas?

We never shy away from a challenge! Over the years, we at Pinto Constructions have installed a huge variety of bespoke pergolas. We understand how these are a delightful way to define and enclose a space, as they can prove to be an effective semi-domestic area, ideal for outdoor dining.With years of experience, we have enhanced our expertise in planning, design, and construction to deliver an efficient service providing a complete solution from initial concept, planning, right through to final build. At Pinto Constructions, we are committed to delivering on time and to budget without ever compromising on quality and workmanship.

We at Pinto Constructions offer full-design, construction, and installation services. Our design and build service includes things like architecture, engineering, planning, permission, and construction – from start to finish. Our experienced specialists, their attention to detail, excellent workmanship, and out-of-the-box problem solving, has helped us make a name for ourselves, and we hope to use our insights and experience to anticipate issues and bottlenecks before they arise, to ensure the smooth completion of every project.