Planning Permits

Getting planning permits is now easy!

Excellent and reliable construction services are now right within your reach! Being one of the best contractors and skilled labor providers around, we at Pinto Constructions take pride in meeting the complex, evolving challenges of our clients within the requisite time frame. Whether you’re looking to make structural changes to your home, or build a new place right from scratch, allow us to help you with the planning permits.

The planning permit process

Step 1 – Before the application is made, we help identify the key issues, constraints, and opportunities and have preliminary discussions about it with the officials.

Step 2 – We put it all together – the documents and reports. We know what to say and how to say so that there are no hiccups at a later stage.

Step 3 – We monitor and review the planning permit application, providing further information, and even negotiate the outcome.

Why choose Pinto Constructions for planning permits?

Dealing with the permit application process is often complex, confusing, and time-consuming. Hence, the job is best left to experts. We at Pinto Constructions, have the requisite know-how as to how to streamline the planning process for clients and removing the stress usually associated with getting the permits. It can be a tad unpleasant to those unfamiliar with the associated procedures. At Pinto Constructions, we ensure that the process of planning applications and obtaining the planning permits is as smooth and problem-free as possible.